Thanks to Maria's excellent care, I consider my upper left humerus 100% now. She was a wonderful therapist and I really appreciate her and the support staff for their care.

Joanne G.

Great caring people. Has extended my quality of life 10 fold. They have got to be the best you could find.

Billy E.

I would highly recommend this facility and staff for any PT needs. The staff were friendly and professional. They were able to specifically target my areas of pain and develop a plan I can utilize on my own. My pain and mobility has greatly improved, as well as my ability to do the things I enjoy. I am able to once again exercise and enjoy my life once again. Thank you for your expertise, your professionalism, and for being adaptable to help me once again feel productive!

George H.

I don't know if my experience could have been better

Gary H.

I feel Jens has helped me a lot. Explains things a lay person can understand and told me what I should expect out of the various exercises. I had so much dizziness and confusion when I first came in, now I feel I can do most of my normal activities. Jens and the staff are so nice and helpful, very professional. If a person needs help, talk to a physical therapist and let them help you. Colleen, you are so nice and helpful - makes us clients feel welcomed.

Myrna C.

My adult son has developmental disabilities and ahd to have an ankle fused this summer. Katie became his physical therapist 3 months after surgery. He had not been able to bear any weight on that ankle and needed help re-learning how to walk. Katie established rapport with him quickly. She was professional but enthustiastic, cheerful, but always moving forward in his treatment. She is a good communicator and also demonstartes excellent knowledge of her field. We were fortunate to have her assisting us.

MD Graesser

I have been coming to BHPT for 20 years, (sometimes it feels like forever) and there is no place else I'd rather go. I have been to other PT clinics, and there is no comparison. BHPT may not have the latest fanciest equpment, but what they do have is compassion. I had my right knee replaced in 2018, and it was rough. Kathy and her staff wouldn't let me give up and after 8 months my knee is great. I know it is so good because of the tenacity that they approached it with. Failure was not an option.

ReAnn C.

Being a patient at Black Hills PT was a great experience for me and my journey to live injury free. Maria and the rest of the staff were always super supportive and positive towards me; which made my road to recovery very smooth. Today, I have almost all of the mobility back in both my ankle and hip, all thanks to Maria and her desire to help people get back to 100%. I am now able to do all my favorite hobbies again thanks to Black Hills Physical Therapy.

Mathew A.

The staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional. The care was exceptional and I will be back teaching skiing this year. I would highly recommend them for physical therapy.

Joe L.

When chronic lower back problems left me in nearly constant pain, I lucked out. I had a choice. I could try surgery to relieve the pain and issues associated with my lower back, or I could try physical therapy to get stronger, ease the pain, and avoid surgery. I chose the latter. Physical rehabilitation at Black Hills Physical Therapy is making all of the difference for me. It takes time, and I have to do the work, but everyone at BHPT has been with me every step of the way. The therapists at BHPT know their business, and their approach to a client's program is specifically tailored to what a client needs. My goals are their goals: to get stronger, lessen pain, and avoid back surgery for as long as possible. They can't do the work for me, but they can, will , and do support my efforts to get stronger. They really care. Sometimes surgery is necessary, but for me, the opportunity to work with the professionals at BHPT is making all the difference. Thank you, Black Hills Physical Therapy!

R.A. Meeks Spearfish, SD

Black Hills Physical Therapy has impacted my life in so many different positive ways! Brandie Rainboth, DPT has been working with me on my knee injury. I was injured 11 weeks into my training program. Upon coming in to see Brandie my spirits were low and almost lost hope on my dream of running 10k road races. After about 2 months of serious PT I was "nursed" back to health! Now I am back in my training program and feeling great! I couldn't thank Brandie more for being the best support system I could of asked for! See you in the gym! 🙂

Erica S., BHSU student

The entire staff at Black Hills Physical Therapy are so friendly, caring and professional. From getting scheduled, working with my insurance and getting the care I needed to solve my problem it was a very pleasant experience.

Robert M. Rapid City, SD

I was first recommended to Black Hills Physical Therapy in 2005 for assessment and treatment of persistent and painful back, shoulder, and neck pain. I was immediately impressed by the caring and professional culture that I found there. This was my first experience with physical therapy. I watched as an assessment was made and a plan for treatment developed. The results of this initial experience set a high level of expectation for any future experience. Two years later I had rotator cuff surgery and was returned to their care. Again I watched as assessment, measurement, and evaluation led to a plan that had both short term and long term qualities with the same quality results. I was not disappointed. Earlier this year (2010) I was experiencing back and hip pain. When my doctor suggested physical therapy, there was no doubt about where I wanted to go. Within a period of six weeks, the treatment that my therapist devised had relieved my pain and markedly increased my strength and flexibility. There is no doubt in my mind that my experiences with the culture and therapists at Black Hills Physical Therapy have improved my life. While it is true that the patron must implement the treatment plan, it is equally true that when the people who are educating you as the therapy is developed and constantly provides feedback about progress or lack thereof makes one want to do what must be done to be well.

Larry M. Landis

Maybe you can get over these problems on your own; but having the guidance of the professionals at Black Hills Physical Therapy was the difference in getting better and learning how to take care of my problem on my own.

Bill H. Spearfish, SD

I had to drive a very long distance to come for physical therapy. It turned out to be well worth it. Everything was explained so that I could understand it and know what I needed to do to help myself get better. I highly recomment Black Hills Physical Therapy to anyone needing help with their own pain issues.

Julie D.

I never knew where to turn when I had a car accident that left me unable to return to my regular life. After the excellent care I received at Black Hills Physical Therapy, I was able to get back to my own life activity.

Doug R.

I would never go anywhere else for my physical therapy needs. I have always had good results here with no complaints.

Carol R. Lead, SD

They are the BEST!

Machelle T. Spearfish, SD

We both have been patients of Black Hills Physical Therapy for several years. Their exceptional and professional physical therapy services are exceeded only by the personal care and attention they give to each person they serve.

Carv and Margaret Thompson

I learned more from my therapist that I did my Dr. The PT's at BHPT are all very good at explaining what is wrong and what the rehab. plan is to fix it.

Bonnie K.

I felt hopeful for the first time about my condition and that there was something that could be done about it. Thanks to Black Hills Physical Therapy.

Mary B.

I live more than 100 miles from BHPT, but it was worth the trip to get the therapy I needed.

Cheryl S.

As an older person I was so afraid of living in my own home. My mobility and balance were not as good as they once had been. After working with my therapist at BHPT, I had the confidence I needed and was so much better that I am still in my home today. The exercises were so helpful and I continue doing them daily.

Bertha R.

I had foot pain for years that started affecting my knees, hips and back. After a thorough evaluation, the correct exercise and getting my custom orthotics, all of my pain problems went away. I am doing things that I thought I had to give up. Thanks BHPT!

Sandy W.

I didn't think there was any treatment for my sore, burning, achy feet. After several ANODYNE treatments at BHPT I couldn't believe the difference. I am sleeping better and able to do more with better sensation and less pain than I have had for years. What a difference BHPT made for me.

Ralph S.

Going to BHPT is such a pleasant experience. The entire environment is so positive and friendly. Everyone is so helpful. You can feel the positive energy the moment you walk in the door. I dreaded the thought of having to go to therapy; but soon discovered it could be a good experience. I am so glad I went to BHPT.

Danial D.

When a back injury nearly caused me to have to quit my career I was referred to BHPT. I am amazed at how much this has helped me. Not only did I resolve my back problem; but I learned how to do my job safer and avoid further injury. I even help my co-workers to do their job safer. It was a WIN-WIN!. I cannot thank them enough.

Hugh W.

I have been an avid golfer most of my life. After I injured my shoulder and needed rotator cuff surgery I thought I would never golf again. It was a lot of work, but I am playing golf again and the increased strength I gained even added yards to my drives!

Bill D.

I manage an office of several computer workers. We were having increased complaints of neck, shoulder and arm pain. I had BHPT do ergonomic evaluations of our desk stations and each of them were fit to each individual worker. The therapist also gave each worker information of exercises that can be done at their desk to lessen the strain of working all day at a computer. It was so informative and helpful. We have very little complaint now of any problems at their work stations. I have encouraged other office managers to have this same service.

Deb T.

When a car accident left me with severe neck pain and constant head aches I was sent to BHPT for rehab. It took a long time to get better; but I have so much better neck movement and very few head aches now. My therapist helped me pick the right pillow to sleep on, showed me stretching and strengthening exercised for my neck and upper back and did a variety of hands-on treatments to relieve the tight painful areas around my neck. I feel like they saved my life! I cannot thank them enough.

Connie M.

I had had a "catch" in my back for years. I didn't think there was anything I could do about it. A friend told me about the relief they received at BHPT.I decided to give it a try. I am still amazed today at how much relief I received. My "catch" is gone and I also learned a lot about how to move safer and lift correctly to prevent this from happening again. I didn't know physical therapists could do all the things they do to help with physical problems.

Doug D.

I got my hand caught in a piece of farm machinery. I severed tendons and nerves in my right hand. I needed surgery and physical therapy to get my hand working again. I am very thankful my Dr. sent me to BHPT. It was a long, slow process; but I am back to farming again. I didn't know what I would do if I couldn't return to farming. It's all I've ever done and I didn't want to give it up. I am gratful for the skilled hands of my therapists helping me recover.

Gordon S.

When a car accident left me badly injured I thought I would never work again. I am only 41 years old. My therapist helped my healing process with exercise and the equipment they use. They also got me the correct braces for my legs so that I was able to walk again. I may not return to my previous level of activity; but I am doing far more than I thought I ever would. I know I couldn't have done it without the help of BHPT. Poor blood flow caused me to lose my right leg. I live in the country and have to go up and down lots of stairs at my place. My therapist worked with a prosthetist to get my artificial leg and she helped me learn to walk again. I was surprised at how many exercises she did with me to stretch and strengthen my leg. I am walking wherever I need to go now.

Ivan P.

I never realized how much a physical therapist knows! Through my back and hip rehab. I have learned a great deal from my PT. She explained my surgery to me, the rehab. process, and worked with me every step of the way. Explaining how my body works and why certain exercises were necessary made all the difference for me to motivate me to do what I needed to do to help myself. Now I tell all my family and friends that they need PT whenever they complain of any aches or pains!

Don D.

Who would have thought going to a physical therapist could make such a difference. I never really knew what physical therapy was all about. Boy, were my eyes opened! The staff at BHPT is very knowledgable and skilled. I was treated so professionally by everyone. I had broken my arm and needed surgery. I really didn't know how I was ever going to recover. My therapist walked me through my rehab. so that I felt confident and hopeful. I am back to doing the things I love with very little problems. The exercises made all the difference. I couldn't have done it without them.

Betty C.

I had tried lots of different therapists, massage and going to the gym. I could never get rid of my nagging low back pain. Finally, the therapists at BHPT knew what to do for me. The skilled maneuvers they did with my back got rid of that nagging pain. They also helped to teach me how to exercise the correct way to avoid these problems. I finally found the right place. Now I am telling all my friends to go there.

Cory A.